100F Multipurpose Folding Cart

The multipurpose folding cart pictured here was manufactured and assembled here at
proj 2Abbot Service Company. This project demonstrates our ability to transform a 2D drawing into a high-quality finished product. Strategic planning combined with our versatile production capabilities allowed us to turn the initial order around in a short four-week time frame.

These carts featured dimensions of 21” in width x 26” in depth x 31” in height when unfolded. A nickel-chrome plating provided a hard, decorative finish able to withstand the elements in an office or production floor environment. To manufacture the carts, primary operations involved using a rotary draw bender to shape the 1.0” diameter x 16 gauge welded steel tubing components and thenproj 3 piercing them at precise locations using an open back inclinable press. After the components had been processed in our in-house plating area, we transferred them over to the assembly department. Our technicians, equipped with the right set of tools and a schematic, assembled the carts and readied them for packaging and shipment.

We paid detailed attention to quality at each step of the process. In addition to dimensional inspection, our procedures incorporated close visual inspection to ensure the quality of the plated finish. After the carts were assembled, each was also inspected for functionality and flatness.

The client was very satisfied with the quality of our work, prompt delivery, and favorable pricing. We continue to manufacture these carts in lot sizes from 10 to 500 units, depending on the demand cycle.

To learn more about this project or any of our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

Product Name: 100F Multipurpose Folding Cart
Primary Capabilities Applied/Processes: Tube forming and piercing and finishing
Secondary Capabilities Applied/Processes: Assembly and packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Open Back Inclinable (OBI) press
Rotary Draw Bender
Expertise: Assembly
Tube bending
Overall Width (Unfolded): 21 in
Overall Depth (Unfolded): 26 in
Overall Height (Unfolded): 31 in
Tightest Tolerances (±): 0.125 in
Material Used: 16 gauge welded steel tubing
Material Thickness: 1 in
Material Finish: Nickel Chrome Plating
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Function and flatness of cart, visual of chrome finish, dimensional of frames and hole locations
Industry for Use: Used in offices and production floors
Volume: 10 to 500
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 4 to 6 w
Delivery Location: FOB Willernie, Minnesota (MN)
Standards Met: 2D CAD Drawing